Are You Looking for Recyclable Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging Tubes?

ECOWAY is a professional supplier in Yangzhou, China. Our product ranges include hotel products, packaging tubes and packaging bottles, etc. As a member of the packaging materials for cosmetics and daily products, we are actively involved in the breakthrough of new materials for products.  Our slogan is ‘The way of eco-friendly cosmetic packing’ , we always engrave the environmental protection […]

Cosmetic Tubes Sets of Ecoway Packaging

ECOWAY is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic packaging tubes. Our product range includes hand cream tubes, face wash tubes, BB cream tubes, sunscreen packaging tubes, toothpaste tubes and so on. We also produce and customize sets of cosmetic tubes. These are some items for your reference. 1. PBL Face Wash Tubes Set These are customized […]

Discounted Empty Cosmetic Tubes or Amenities Sets

Do you need a lot of empty cosmetic packaging tubes or customize? Welcome to ECOWAY. We are specialized in manufacturing various types of cosmetic packaging tubes, including PE tubes, ABL tubes and PBL tubes. Recently we launch some discounted PE tubes and hotel amenities set in tube. 1. Empty 40mm PE Packaging Tubes These are […]

FDA LFGB MSDS Certification of Ecoway Cosmetic Tube

ECOWAY is a professional cosmetic packaging supplier, specializing in the production and export of various types of PE cosmetic tubes, ABL tubes, PBL tubes and more. All of our products are safe and high quality. These are some test report of our products. 1. FDA Certification The FDA is the abbreviation of the US Food […]

New Products Recommendation For Cosmetic Tubes

ECOWAY is professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer and supplier. We launch some new products of cosmetic packaging every month. Here are brief introduction of some items cosmetic tubes. If you are interested in any of them, welcome to contact with us. 1. Pink Sponge Cosmetic Packaging Tube This is foundation packaging tube, also can be used […]

How Colors Influence Cosmetic Tube?

For various types of products, consumers will have a first impression of the appearance of the product, and color accounts for a large proportion in the appearance. We can see that people are naturally sensitive to colors. In this case, the color is also important for the cosmetic tube. The cosmetic soft tube manufacturer using standard colors is very important for both […]

Common Materials Of Cosmetic Tube

Different packaging is one of the main factors for attracting consumers to purchase cosmetics. It is an important form of cosmetic value and brand. The packaging is a very persuasive salesman. When choosing cosmetics, the first thing that attracts consumers’ attention is the outer packaging. Therefore, packaging design has been mentioned as a very important position, various packaging […]

Basic Requirements of Cosmetic Tube

Tube Body: The body of the soft tube should be made of pure and eco-friendly material. The finished tube should be smooth and tidy, without obvious scratches. And the color should be uniform. The tube sealing should be firm, there should be no openings or wrinkles. Cap: The fit between the cap and the tube should be tight, without slipping and loosening. And the […]

Professional Cosmetic Tubes Manufacturer

ECOWAY is a professional cosmetic soft tubes manufacturer, our factory is located in Jiangdu, Yangzhou, China. ECOWAY is always focusing on the production and customization of cosmetics, skincare and personal care, oral care, pharmaceutical and more fields packaging tubes. We make the packaging tubes you use every day – from daily wash tubes, daily cream tubes, lip gloss tubes, eye […]

About The Cosmetic Tube, We Make

1. Tube Usage Eye cream packaging tube, lip gloss/lip balm packaging tube, face wash packaging tube, makeup packaging tube, skincare packaging tube, hair care packaging tube, ointment packaging tube, chemicals packaging tube, food packaging tube, etc. 2. Tube Layer Single layer, Double layer, Five layer 3.Tube Shape Round tube, Oval tube, Super oval tube 4.Tube Diameter and Capacity […]