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Special Cap Cosmetic Tube

Wood Grain Cap Cosmetic Tube

Product Details This is 150ml capacity cosmetic PE tube, with the diameter of 50mm. It can be applied to hair …

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Lip Balm Tube

White Round Lip Balm Tube

Product Details Material: Tube body is PE plastic; Tube cap is PP plastic Capacity: 12.5ml Size: Tube’s diameter is16mm Color: …

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Ceramic Applicator Tube

White Cream Tubes with Ceramic Applicator

Product Details This eye cream tube with ceramic applicator is in white color with printed logo. If you are looking …

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Wet Wipes

Wet Wipe

Barrel package sterilizing alcohol wet wipes, 160 wipes in per barrel. It is portable, and can be applied for the …

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Face Wash Tube

Vibration Silicone Brush Face Wash Tube

Product Details This is a functional cosmetic packaging tube, with vibration silicone cleaning brush head. It is perfect as the …

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Body Cream Tube

Vibration Roller Ball Tube

Product Details This vibration roller ball tube is one of our hot selling roller ball item cosmetic soft tube, mainly …

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Body Cream Tube

Vibration Massage Cosmetic Tube

Product Details This is diameter 38mm massage cosmetic tube. Usually 38mm plastic soft tube can match different massage head, roller …

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Eye Cream Tube

Vibration Eye Cream Tube Packaging

Product Details This cosmetic tube is used for eye cream packaging, white tube body with printing logo. It has vibration …

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Cosmetic Tube

Vacuum Pump Cosmetic Tube

Product Details This is gray vacuum pump cosmetic tube. You can use it to pack cosmetics, sun block, hand cream, …

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Lip Balm Tube

Unique Squeeze Lip Balm Tube Packaging

Product Details This is unique squeeze lip balm tube packaging. 15ml capacity and 19 mm in diameter. It’s easy to …

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