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Basic Requirements of Cosmetic Tube

Tube Body: The body of the soft tube should be made of pure and eco-friendly material. The finished tube should be smooth and tidy, without obvious scratches. And the color should be uniform. The tube sealing should be firm, there should be no openings or wrinkles.

Cap: The fit between the cap and the tube should be tight, without slipping and loosening. And the joints are not fractured. The color of the plating should be uniform and not fade.

–Inner cap: The inner cap should be complete, clean and not deformed. The inner cover should match well with the cosmetic soft tube body, should not be leaked. Any customized applicators should completely match the cosmetic tubes, such as roller ball massage tubes, airless pump tubes, needle nose cosmetic tubes, etc.

–Outer cap: The cover should be smooth and without cracks or burrs, matching the whole soft tube. The color of the outer cover should be uniform. The outer threaded structure should be intact.

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