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Common Materials Of Cosmetic Tube

Different packaging is one of the main factors for attracting consumers to purchase cosmetics. It is an important form of cosmetic value and brand. The packaging is a very persuasive salesman.

When choosing cosmetics, the first thing that attracts consumers’ attention is the outer packaging. Therefore, packaging design has been mentioned as a very important position, various packaging materials are used in the cosmetics packaging. Below are the materials used in our cosmetic tubes.

We usually use PE (polyethylene) material. PE’s chemical properties is relatively stable, can withstand most of the acid and alkali erosion and its material quality is soft, the general cosmetic soft tubes is made of this material, such as makeup soft tubes, round skincare soft tubes, cream packaging tubes, lip gloss tubes, etc

In addition to the PE material, some soft tubes are made of ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminates) material, such as toothpaste tubes, etc.

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