Paint Tube

Paint tube are essential for painters to pack pigments. Our company has been producing pigment tubes for more than ten years. and we have a mature production line.

In the past 20 years, my country’s paint tube packaging industry has made great progress. Great progress has been made in product specifications, product performance, product quality and so on. Especially in the current affluent life. A large number of painters are increasingly favoring plastic tube packaging. The demand for pigments has also greatly increased. This also quickly drove the development and production of color tube packaging. At present, the color tube packaging has made great breakthroughs in safety and practicality. For customers, the popularity of plastic paint tube packaging has brought them huge benefits. Save more unnecessary expenses.

Paint tubes are not only all-aluminum, but plastic paint tubes are the most popular nowadays. They have many advantages such as environmental protection, recyclability, light weight, and beautiful packaging.

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