350ml Hand Sanitizer In Bottle

It is moisturizing hand sanitizer, with the antibacterial function. It is packed in plastic pump bottle, with the capacity of 350ml. The gel is no-clean and contains 75% alcohol, effectively help to inhibit bacteria. This style is no-clean item, no need to wash your hands after use. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW-YL-002 Description 350ml Hand Sanitizer in Bottle […]

Portable Medical Alcohol Spray

This is disinfection alcohol spray bottle. 75% Alcohol, effectively kill most of viruses and bacteria. It can be applied for hand disinfection, clothing disinfection and so on, suitable to be used at home, office, hospital, etc. Small capacity design makes it portable. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW-YL-003 Description Portable Medical Alcohol Spray Ingredient 75% Alcohol Packaging Spray Bottle Usage Disinfectant PRODUCT […]

100ml Empty Hand Sanitizer Tube

It’ s diameter 35mm PE plastic tube, the capacity is 100ml. This style is white empty tube with customized printing patterns. It is suitable for the hand sanitizer packaging, easy to carry and squeeze. If you need, the empty tube also can be used to fill hand cream, facial cleanser. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW-XSY-002 […]

Empty Hand Sanitizer Tube Packaging

It’ s 120ml plastic tube for cosmetic packaging. Its diameter is 45mm, the size can be customized. This white tube is made of PE material, other colors and printing can be customized as need. Usually it is applied to fill hand sanitizer gel, liquid soap, hand cream, etc. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW00304 Description Empty […]

180ml Hand Sanitizer Packaging Tube

This is 180ml plastic tube, made of PE material. It is used as the hand sanitizer packaging, convenient to carry and use. It’ s purple empty soft tube, can be decorated with customized printing. Its diameter is 50mm, other diameters and capacity can be customized. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW00009 Description 180ml Hand Sanitizer Packaging […]

Hand Sanitizer Packaging Tube

It’ s round plastic soft tube, applied for the hand sanitizer packaging. Its diameter is 35mm, tube height is 134mm, can fill 80g hand sanitizer gel. It’ s white plastic glossy tube, with customized offset printing, and its cap is white flip top cap. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW00335 Description Hand Sanitizer Packaging Tube Material […]

Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging Tube

It’ s recyclable environmental protection plastic packaging tube, made of 40%PCR+60%LDPE. It can achieve the stabilizing effect of filling special liquids by adding special ingredients. The tube of this material adopts the conventional process, offset printing logo. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW00452 Description Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging Tube Material 40%PCR+60%LDPE Diameter 40mm Capacity 120ml Cap Positioning […]

Liquid Hand Soap Tube

It’ s small PE plastic tube, capacity can be 40ml-50ml, which is portable and easy to fill liquid. It’ s white PE tube, printed with customized offset printing. It has white flip top cap, durable and convenient. It can be used for filling hand sanitizer gel, hand cream and so on. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code […]

Hand Washing Soap Tube

This is a white plastic soft tube with high quality printing. It’ s made of PE material, suitable for filling various types of liquid, such as alcohol hand sanitizer, hand cream, facial cleanser, etc. This one is 40ml, other capacities are also available. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW00338 Description Hand Washing Soap Tube Material PE […]

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 300ml

75% alcohol hand sanitizer gel, packed in 300ml pump bottle. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW00701-1 Description Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 300ml Usage Basic cleaning, disinfection Packaging Pump bottle Bottle Material PET Diameter 64mm Capacity 300ml Logo Labeling