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Portable Medical Alcohol Spray

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This is disinfection alcohol spray bottle. 75% Alcohol, effectively kill most of viruses and bacteria. It can be applied for hand disinfection, clothing disinfection and so on, suitable to be used at home, office, hospital, etc. Small capacity design makes it portable.


Product CodeECW-YL-003
DescriptionPortable Medical Alcohol Spray
Ingredient75% Alcohol
PackagingSpray Bottle


1. It is disinfection spray, made of plastic material, transparent bottle body.

2. It is 75% Alcohol, can kill most of germs and virus, fast and safe sterilization.

3. It can be applied for hand disinfection, clothing or environment disinfection.

4. It is important for disinfection and sterilization, can be used at home, office, school, hospital, etc.

5. This style is spray bottle design, convenient to carry and use.


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