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Sunscreen refers to the addition of sunscreen that can block or absorb ultraviolet light to prevent skin from tanning, sunburn cosmetics.

According to the principle of sun protection, sunscreen can be divided into physical sunscreen, chemical sunscreen. Sunscreen requires products of different SPF or PA values to be selected based on specific objects for sun protection purposes. Sunscreen works by isolating the skin from ultraviolet light. Sunscreen and sunscreen, the main difference is physical characters, frost general water content in about 60%, looks more “thick”, paste, and emulsion, the water content in more than 70%, looks relatively thin, there is fluidity. In general, the emulsion is more refreshing than the frost, because the water content is relatively high, but the formulators can still use different oily ingredients and thickeners to adjust the “greasy” degree of frost. Therefore, it is still necessary to look at the product itself.

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