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Sunscreen usage matters

  1. application site

When applying sunscreen, do not ignore the neck, chin, ears, etc., so as not to cause uneven skin tone.

  1. Cleaning products

Always remove the sunscreen product thoroughly every night, so do not take a sunscreen to rest and sleep.

  1. The amount of use should be sufficient

Sunscreen is not effective when applied, but to achieve a certain amount of effect, usually the sunscreen applied to the skin is 2 mg per square centimeter to achieve the desired sunscreen effect. It should be noted that the SPF value can not be accumulated. The two-layer SPF10 sunscreen cream has only one layer of SPF10 protection effect.

  1. Do not mix different brands of sunscreen

Mixed use increases the likelihood of skin irritation. The ingredients of each brand of sunscreen are inconsistent. If they are mixed and overlapped on the skin, they may cause the components to interfere or mutually repel each other, reducing the sunscreen effect and even causing skin irritation.

  1. Pay attention to save

If exposed to heat for a long time or in direct sunlight, the sunscreen effect may be reduced. Do not use spoiled sunscreen cosmetics because it not only has a reduced sunscreen effect, but is also more likely to irritate the skin.

  1. Pay attention to sunscreen corners

When applying ordinary sunscreen, eye and lip skin also need attention. However, if you do not specify, or use sunscreen products for the eyes, do not use it on the skin around the eyes.

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