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Antibacterial Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer

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It is moisturizing and non-toxic hand sanitizer, quick drying and no need to wash after use. It contains 75% alcohol, help to inhibit most bacteria. It is packed in plastic soft tube, with the capacity of 100ml. The squeeze tube packaging makes the gel squeezed out easily.


Product CodeECW-YL-001
DescriptionAntibacterial Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer
PackagingPlastic soft tube
PrintingOffset printing
UsageCleaning, disinfectant


1. This is non-toxic, non-irritating and moisturizing hand sanitizer for skin care and personal protection.

2. Quick drying and no need to wash, convenient to use anytime.

3. Long-lasting moisturizer, more clean and protect your hands.

4. Quick disinfection within 30 seconds, and dry in 45 seconds

5. Contains 75% alcohol, help to kill and inhibit most bacteria.


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