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Main materials used in cosmetic packaging

1. Glass Cosmetic Packaging

The glass container has a good protective function, which can effectively prevent the penetration of the cosmetic through the container wall, and ensure that the fragrance of the cosmetic will not be emitted. The glass container has good transparency, and the coloring cosmetic can greatly enhance its ornamental performance and achieve a pleasing effect. 

2. Plastic Cosmetic Packaging

More and more plastic materials are now used for cosmetic packaging, such as face wash tube, hand cream tube, eye cream tube, ointment tube, etc. Our factory can make various types of plastic cosmetic tubes, and PET plastic bottles. Using plastic packaging is beneficial to cost reduction and convenient to carry. We can decorate the plastic cosmetic packaging with different printing ways, brings wonderful visual effects and a unique brand display.

3. Metal Cosmetic Packaging

The amount of metal materials used in cosmetic packaging has increased in recent years, mainly because of the good barrier properties of metals, especially aluminum, which has a strong barrier to water and oxygen and provides excellent protection for the cosmetics. Metal materials are now used in some essential oils, skin care products, moisturizing spray metal cans, some make-up boxes, etc. 

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