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Key Factors in Packaging Tube Customization

If we need to customize the empty cosmetic packaging tube, we need to consider many aspects, here are some key factors:

1. Capacity of the cosmetic packaging soft tube. The capacity could be customer’s first consideration. The size of the plastic cosmetic soft tube can be adjusted according to the conventional capacity range.

2. Length and diameter of cosmetic packaging soft tube. The empty tube’s diameter and length determine the tube’s width and length. And the tube’s visual beauty could be affected. Choosing the appropriate size of plastic cosmetic tubes is better to ensure smooth production. It’s better to choose the diameter and length that cosmetic tube packaging manufacturers can produce, because the soft tube packaging industry has own production standards.

3. Material. Usually we produce 2 layers or 5 layers of PE cosmetic tube, ABL cosmetic tubes. The choice of cosmetic packaging tube’s material will be related to tube’s usage.

4. Appearance and Decoration. The cosmetic packaging tube’s appearance is firstly reflected in the color, usually transparent, white, black or other customized colors. About the decorations, cosmetic packaging tubes factory usually uses silkscreen printing, offset printing, hot stamping, labeling and so on. 

In addition to these key factors, we also have other consideration factors in the actual packaging tube customization, such as eye cream tube could be vibration massage eye cream tube, needle nose eye cream tube, dropper eye cream tube and so on. 

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