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How To Use BB Cream

The first step is to massage the skin: In order to make the rest of the face without applying the BB cream to the most natural state, the face can be properly massaged to give the skin the healthiest state.

The second step is to use the cream: you can choose a product that contains the pearl brightening effect, gently tap it three times with your finger, then smudge it to brighten the skin tone.

The third step is to apply a full face cream: apply the cream to the entire face, and finally use a sponge to press and remove excess oil.

The fourth step is to apply BB cream: apply BB cream in a wave shape, remember to apply both sides of the nose. The sponge is pressed again to apply the area where the BB cream is applied, so that the BB cream is more suitable for the skin without makeup.

The fifth step concealer: use the eye concealer product to point around the eye, gently press and smudge with your fingertips. If the face has acne marks, it needs to be treated with a concealer pen. In order to create a flawless nude makeup effect, the concealer step can not be ignored.

The sixth step is to sweep the powder: use a large brush to pick up the loose powder and swipe the T area. This time, the makeup is focused on the part, without a strong makeup.

When removing makeup, BB cream is a kind of foundation. Pour cleansing water onto the cotton pad and wipe the face. Wipe the skin upside down with a clean wet tissue. If the tissue is clean, it means the makeup has been cleaned.

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