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Facial Cleanser Status

The biggest sales volume in skin care products is facial cleanser:

Cosmetics used for cleaning, nourishing, and protecting human skin are called cleansing cosmetics. Cleaning cosmetics mainly include cleansing honey (facial cleanser, cleanser, facial cleansing cream), cleansing cream, grind cream, cleansing gel, cleansing mask, and bath cosmetics. Among the clean cosmetics, the biggest sales volume is facial cleanser.

The facial cleanser has pure color, elegant aroma and fine texture, and has good fluidity, ductility and permeability. Use it to wash your face to remove sweat, grease, foundation, dander, etc., with its makeup remover can thoroughly wash away oil paint, powder, lipstick, eyebrows, etc. It is best for washing away eye shadow cream that is difficult to remove. There are some special-purpose facial cleansers that can be used under anhydrous conditions. They not only cleanse the facial skin, but also have the functions of skin care, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. After use, the facial skin can be soft and smooth. Thanks to the cleansing and moisturizing effect of facial cleansing with facial cleanser, it has the unparalleled advantage of using soap to cleanse.

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