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Facial Cleanser Selection Tips

Oily skin

Oily skin because the skin secretes more oil than the average person, so you need to choose some products with stronger cleaning ability. It is often necessary to choose some soap based products. Because the soap-based products have strong degreasing power and are easy to rinse, the skin feels very refreshing after washing. Oily skin is suitable for moisturizing and refreshing facial cleansers, preferably with plant extracts.

Mixed skin

The main T-like position of this type of skin is oily, while the cheeks are generally neutral and some may be dry. This kind of skin should be balanced in the T position and the cheeks. You can’t just consider the T-position clean and choose some products with very strong degreas, especially in the autumn and winter.

Neutral skin

This type of skin is the easiest to care for. Generally choose some foam type facial cleanser. Of course, if you feel that the skin is dry during the fall and winter, you can also use some non-foaming facial cleanser. Because some of the non-foaming facial cleanser is not as difficult to rinse as before, it feels not very greasy after washing.

Dry skin

It is best not to use foam-type facial cleanser for this type of skin. You can use some cleaning oils, cleansing creams or non-foaming facial cleanser. Clean oil products are found in some high-end products because they are relatively refreshing in terms of relative cleansing cream.

Sensitive skin

For allergic skin, amino acid facial cleanser is recommended. Excessive foaming facial cleanser often contains more anionic surfactant components, greater alkalinity, higher pH, and greater irritation, which is not suitable.

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