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Facial Cleanser Precautions

It is best to have it once a day in the morning and evening, and don’t wash it when you clean it. Because the facial skin has a natural barrier and moisturizing effect, it can block irritants from the outside. When over-cleaned, important lipids and cellular components are lost, resulting in a weakening of the skin’s own barrier and moisturizing effects.

Moreover, the powerfully washed face not only does not retain moisture, but also can cause allergies to any cream applied to the face, from mild rash to complete peeling, and even stubborn skin inflammation.

After washing your face with facial cleanser, use a toner lotion to help your skin lock in moisture.

When using a cleansing product, it is best not to use a variety of cleansers at the same time. Because improper mixing can easily cause excessive irritation to the skin, causing the skin to be dehydrated, dry, and tarnished, causing undue harm to the skin.

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