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Eye problems

Common eye problems

Common problems in the eye are the following: dark circles, bags under the eyes, edema, fine lines, dry lines, crow’s feet, fat particles, lack of eyes and so on. The eyes are the windows of the soul, but the window is very fragile, smiling and even frowning, which will make your eyes relax and make your eyes look. I want to make my eyes look fascinating, so that my eyes are instantly smooth and bright and become the goddess of electric eyes. Of course, I have to give my eyes full care.

Causes of eye problems

Eye line

The thickness of the eye skin is only about 0.3mm, and the water-lipid film of the eye skin lacks water and oil secretion. In addition, the eyelid muscles often shrink during the week, the collagen tissue is easy to lose elasticity, and the eye skin gradually forms an eye pattern due to relaxation.

Eye bag

Lack of exercise opportunities in the eye during sleep at night, slowing the operation of the lymphatic system of the eye, causing swelling of both eyes in the morning. The edema continues to form eye bags, and the eye skin loses its elasticity, accumulating excess water and oil.

Black eye cause

Due to lack of sleep or life pressure, the blood circulation in the eye is slowed down, the blood stagnates in the blood vessels, and the blood cells move to the cell tissue that is connected to the skin, forming a blue layer of the skin of the eye.

Fat granules

Eye cream should be chosen: the selected eye cream texture is too nourishing, long-term use will produce fat accumulation, caused by excessive absorption of the eye.

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