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Change facial milk

Wash your face every day and change your facial cleanser frequently. The ph value of different skin types is different. The same brand of cleansing milk often uses the same basic grease, thickener, curing agent, surfactant, etc., so its pH value has certain characteristics. Due to metabolism, the skin will discharge some wastes such as sebum and dead keratinocytes in the pores, plus residual cosmetics, dust and other pollutants in the air, so that there are a lot of dirt in the pores. Therefore, the facial cleanser we choose should be able to Remove these dirt.

Replacement point one

The dirt in the pores is acidic, so the facial cleanser must contain soap-based ingredients that neutralize the acid. The soap base is alkaline, and for this reason, it is normal to feel a slight dryness after using facial cleanser. But there should be no tension or even suede. In this case, the facial cleanser you use is too alkaline and not suitable for your skin.

Replacement point two

There is a facial cleanser that is slippery and sticky after use. This facial cleanser contains crude collagen that cannot be hydrolyzed, or other excess “viscous” substances. This facial cleanser is not only It can’t remove the dirt in the pores. On the contrary, it will form a sticky film on the surface of your skin, which is extremely detrimental to the metabolism of the pores.

Replacement point three

When choosing facial cleanser, you should follow the instructions in the facial cleanser to purchase the appropriate type, and use the method and the amount of use according to the instructions. Because the skin adapts to each type of cleansing products, it takes a process. If the cleansing products are frequently changed, the skin will be short-term tingling, peeling or water shortage, so strictly follow the instructions.

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