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Can facial cleanser whiten?

Facial cleanser is one of the cleaning products. Others include facial cleansing soap, facial cleansing powder, cleansing mousse, cleansing lotion, etc. depending on the dosage form.

Because facial cleanser does not stay on the face for a long time, it can add moisturizing, nourishing, whitening and other ingredients, but it can’t stay in the skin for a long time. It is difficult to fully exert its functions. For example, if you have a strong moisturizing appeal, you need to use moisturizing cream or essence in the next step to better exert the moisturizing effect.

Moisturizing facial cleanser often adds glycerin, butanediol, potassium glycyrrhizinate, lactic acid, sodium hyaluronate and other ingredients to achieve mild and non-irritating cleansing, moisturizing and non-drying after cleansing.

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