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BB Frost Historical Development

The first generation of BB cream – Germany more than 40 years ago

BB cream has been around since the 1960s and originated in Germany. The earliest research and development is intended to be used in medical cosmetic products. The purpose is to provide a true sense of protection for sensitive and damaged skin. It is also used by people who use laser therapy to protect, stabilize and soothe fragile skin. .

The second generation – South Korea will carry it forward

Since its long-distance travel to the Republic of Korea, BB Cream has developed a combination of skin care features of oriental women, and has developed a combination of skin care products and foundation BB cream. The performance has been greatly improved, and Korean women have spared no effort to promote it quickly. The popularity has laid a solid foundation in skin care products. The performance of this generation of products on the concealer has been greatly improved, but it is relatively single-function and serious homogenization.

In 2009, the third generation of BB cream was also released. This is also the BB cream we used. It achieves multiple functions such as foundation, isolation, concealer, and skincare. It is not easy to block pores and has a good effect of modifying skin tone. It can satisfy the needs of many women’s skincare and beauty, and at the same time, it is easy to use, so it has become a must-have for women. The fourth generation of BB cream is represented by professional radiation protection technology. Professional radiation protection has been added to the original function. Redefining BB cream and becoming a member of radiation protection cosmetics.

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