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BB Cream Selection Tips

Test texture

When choosing BB cream, you should take an appropriate amount on the back of the hand and take a close look at the BB cream’s powder quality and elongation. First look at how delicate the powder is and whether it fits well with your skin. The BB cream, which is too rough, will float and give a cheap makeup. Second, take a look at the BB cream extension. Usually the emulsion-like BB cream will be ideal, otherwise the texture is too thick, it is not easy to apply evenly; the texture is too thin, the effect of sunscreen and covering may be slightly worse.

Color selection

When choosing BB cream, it is the best product for you to integrate with your original skin color. It is best to use it on your face, and let the natural light go down to see the overall effect. See if BB Cream is effective in evenly coloring your skin and can brighten it.

Look at the ingredients

When choosing, you should try to choose a BB cream that adds botanical skin care ingredients and has a moisturizing effect. This can strengthen the skin’s nutrition on the basis of daily skin care and keep your face moisturized all day long. It does not contain PARABEN preservatives, no fragrance and alcohol, so it is safe and can be used with care.

Smell the smell

The scent of BB cream is also very important. The appropriate fragrance can make people feel good, so be sure to choose the fragrance you like. The plant-based foundation is fragrance-free and gives off a subtle floral scent that is easy to identify.

Moisturizing BB cream

BB cream should choose yellowish skin and pale skin according to skin type. It is recommended to use purple BB cream. Apply a light purple BB cream to make your skin look beautiful. Green BB cream is suitable for reddish skin and acne skin, making the skin look white. For skin with even skin tone and few spots, after using natural BB cream, the skin brightness will increase and the skin will look cleaner and more lustrous.

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