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BB Cream Product Usage

The first generation of BB cream is a scar maintenance cream.

The second generation of BB cream combines the dual identity of skin care products and foundations.

The third generation of BB cream solved three major problems:

1. Fresh skin permeability is good: Because the latest beauty technology used in the third generation BB cream has a smaller molecular weight, it will not clog the pores after using the face, and the gas permeability is very good.

2. Deep nourishment: Due to its small molecular weight, it can directly reach the basal layer of the skin and directly act on the cells, which is beneficial to the absorption of nutrients three to four times that of the second generation BB cream. On this basis, the third generation of BB cream, also added the concept of deep moisturizing, adding maintenance ingredients and moisturizing optimal molecules in BB cream: small molecule water in it, can be better supplemented with the latest cutting-edge composition embedding technology Moisture of the skin so that the skin is moisturized for a long time, moisturizing performance is good, long-term use of the skin will not dry.

3. Easy to remove makeup, because the nutrients are absorbed completely, the general makeup remover for makeup remover, or warm water plus cleanser can be used.

The fourth generation of BB cream is represented by professional radiation protection technology.

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