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BB Cream Product Efficacy

Nude makeup

After use, there is no trace of makeup, but it looks a lot more refined than usual. The makeup is naturally fresh and can make the skin look like a natural flawless beauty. Healthy and energetic.

Protect the skin

Protects the skin from the external environment. Contaminants in the air can cause skin problems such as lack of oxygen, dull roughness, pigmentation, clogged pores, acne, dry skin, tiredness, and sensitivity. Protects the skin from the external environment and its isolation function.


Controls oil and moisturizes, whitens and wrinkles, regulates sebum secretion, and gradually improves skin problems.

Covering concealer

Partial highlight

The use of Pearlescent BB Cream itself is quite difficult. It is necessary to master certain techniques and methods. If you are not careful, you will make your face look shiny and oily. Applying it slightly under the eyebrows, under the eyes or at the T-zone can be very effective.

Mixed eye makeup

BB Cream can also be mixed with the eye shadow cream used in daily use, which can add a lot of pearlescent color to the old eyeshadow and last longer. The skin is oily skin, and the skin of the eye is very oily. You can consider using the BB cream for oil control. Mixing eyeshadow will have a good effect. However, BB cream must not be mixed with powder makeup, otherwise it will be a mess.


Apply BB cream and creamy blush on your hands and apply evenly to your cheeks. In urban life, blush is a popular style.

Lip gloss

When applying makeup, apply lipstick or lip gloss directly to the lips, then apply a small amount of BB cream with a thin brush and gently place it on the lip line at the middle edge of the upper lip and the center of the lower lip. The lip brush of the yellow wolf tail bristles must be selected when selecting a scrub.

Lightweight makeup

BB cream is easy to block pores, and the foundation brush is used to make the makeup lighter and more permeable.

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