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BB Cream Precautions

1. Basic care before using BB cream

Before using BB cream, the skin should be cleaned first, and the skin care, lotion or essence should be used for basic maintenance to ensure that the skin is rubbed with BB cream under moisturizing conditions. Although BB cream has a certain skin care effect, it can not completely replace the basic skin care products, otherwise it will make the skin lose moisture.

2.BB cream can’t be mixed with foundation

If the BB cream is mixed with the foundation and applied to the face, it will affect the makeup effect and reduce the skin care effect. If you want the makeup to be more obvious, you can choose a powder to fix your makeup. It is recommended that after applying BB cream, make up with makeup and make the makeup last longer.

3. Better use with sunscreen

BB cream uses natural ingredients. If you need extra sun protection, use sunscreen before using BB cream to effectively resist UV rays.

4. Need to remove makeup after using BB cream

BB cream has the properties of foundation, and it will clog pores and acne without removing makeup.

5. Face 瑕疵 cover needs to strengthen BB cream dosage

If you want to make your BB cream concealer effect multiply, you can increase the amount of BB cream in the face where you need concealer, but gently BB cream works best. If you want a thicker finish, it is recommended to use a foundation to apply it for long-lasting makeup.

6. Freehand smearing is a mistake

Many women think that the BB texture is thin, and good ductility can spread the BB cream evenly. This is actually a very serious misunderstanding. The application of the hand will make the skin uneven and uneven. The BB cream is a multi-effect product, which integrates skincare and Make-up in one. Always use a quality foundation brush when using it.

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