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BB Cream FAQ

1. If you apply BB cream, you don’t need to apply sunscreen?

Although BB cream generally contains sunscreen value, the sunscreen value is usually not high and the effect is not satisfactory . If it is a long time for outdoor activities in summer, it is recommended to apply special sunscreen before applying BB cream to effectively resist UV rays. However, for office workers who spend most of their time indoors, there is usually no need to apply sunscreen.

2. Do you need makeup after using BB cream?

Light makeup, rubbing the BB cream is equivalent to rubbing the foundation, you can apply a little blush, curl your eyelashes, apply mascara, eye shadow. When your skin is bad, you can further modify it with other cosmetics.

3. Can oily skin and sensitive skin use BB cream?

Yes, BB cream has oil control effect. When the pores are thick, rubbing the BB cream will reveal that your pores are significantly smaller, and the skin becomes fine and natural. BB cream is perfect for people with “problem skin”. Sensitive skin should pay attention when choosing BB cream. You can choose BB cream with aloe vera, green tea, ginkgo and other ingredients. Don’t choose the kind of BB cream with light particle flash.

4. Do you need to apply a barrier cream when applying BB cream?

In the case of low UV, there is no need to use other isolation and sunscreen after using BB cream (different methods are used according to different brands, for example, some brands do not have sun protection function), but in a strong UV environment, it is still necessary to have sun protection ability. Strong sunscreen.

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