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Basic Information of Foundation Liquid

– Feb 13, 2019 –

Liquid foundation is one of the facial cosmetic products. It is in the form of oil-in-water (O/W) or water-in-oil (W/O). It is a kind of emulsion-like cosmetic with added powder. It is made by the use of silty pigments with good compatibility with glycerin and water. The hue should be a lighter flesh color or a slightly pearly hue with a slightly moisturized appearance. As the trend changes and different national customs, the degree of translucency, the depth and type of color, and other appearance characteristics are quite different. When not in use, there will be sediment at the bottom, which is obviously divided into upper and lower layers. When used, it can be shaken up and down, and the liquid foundation obtained by this formula is often transparent, light and soft, and has good conformity with the skin; There are also deficiencies, the concealing effect is poor, and it cannot be used for mixed skin types.

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