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Six Ways To Make Plastic Packaging More Environmentally Friendly

The performance of plastic packaging is excellent, and it accounts for a large proportion of the packaging industry. It is because the application of plastic packaging has become more and more extensive, and environmental protection problems have followed, based on green environmental protection, on the other hand, it has to improve the functionalization and high performance of packaging. Chemical. Plastic packaging materials companies can make further improvements and improvements in the following areas:

The first is to innovate and develop new plastic materials and new processing technologies so that more plastics with superior performance can be used as packaging materials, and the high performance of new materials can be utilized to achieve a reduction of packaging materials;

The second is to promote the advancement and development of plastic blending technology, new plastic additives, and application technology. Under the premise of non-toxic, hygienic, and environmental protection of plastic packaging materials, low-cost technology is used to improve the performance of plastic packaging materials and provide for reduction. may;

The third is to improve and improve the recycling technology of plastics so that the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials can be greatly improved, improve and eliminate the hidden dangers of white pollution caused by plastic packaging materials, and improve resource utilization;

The fourth is to develop bio-based plastics, effectively regulate the degradation time and cycle of bio-plastics, and reduce and eliminate the pollution and impact of plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment while giving full play to the functions of bio-plastic packaging materials;

Fifth, through independent research and development and technological innovation, reduce the cost of new materials and technologies for plastic packaging, and avoid the problem that many plastic materials that conform to green packaging cannot be applied in large areas due to excessive cost;

Sixth, the development of intelligent and other advanced packaging technology, the use of some plastic packaging materials have the characteristics of edible, water-soluble, etc., reduce the amount of packaging waste, improve the safety and environmental performance of plastic packaging.

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