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Hand Sanitizer

350ml Hand Sanitizer In Bottle

It is moisturizing hand sanitizer, with the antibacterial function. It is packed in plastic pump bottle, with the capacity of 350ml. …

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Hand Sanitizer

300ml Hand Sanitizer Gel

75% alcohol hand sanitizer gel, packed in 300ml plastic pump bottle. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW00706 Description 300ml Hand Sanitizer …

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Eye Cream Tube

3 Roller Ball Eye Cream Tube

Product Details This is 3 roller ball cosmetic tube, can be applied to the eye cream packaging. This eye cream …

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Ceramic Applicator Tube

20ml Eye Cream Tube Packaging

Product Details This custom 20ml eye cream tube packaging was printed with offset printing. It was made of PE, used …

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Eye Cream Tube

20ml Cosmetic Tubes for Eye Cream

Product Details This 20ml cosmetic tube for eye cream is made of 2 layer PE plastic material, customized printing on …

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Hand Sanitizer

180ml Hand Sanitizer Packaging Tube

This is 180ml plastic tube, made of PE material. It is used as the hand sanitizer packaging, convenient to carry …

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Eye Cream Tube

15ml Eye Cream Tube with Plating Cap

Product Details This is 15ml eye cream tube with plating cap, offset printing decorated on this shiny glossy colorful tube, …

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Lip Gloss Tube

15ml Empty Lip Gloss Tube

Product Details This style is newly developed lipgloss tube with our own design. It’ s 15ml in diameter of 19mm. …

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Face Wash Tube

150ml Cosmetic Tube for Cleansing Foam

Product Details This 150ml cosmetic tube can be used for facial cleanser or other cosmetics. It’s colored tube with custom …

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Hotel Liquid

10ml Hair Shampoo Sachet

Product Details These are mini size shampoo sachets, also can contain bath gel, body lotion, conditioner, etc. The sachet can …

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