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Wet Wipe

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Barrel package sterilizing alcohol wet wipes, 160 wipes in per barrel. It is portable, and can be applied for the disinfection of skin or object surface.

Product Specification

Product CodeECW-16
DescriptionWet Wipe
MaterialNon-woven fabric
UsageBasic cleaning, antibacterial
PackagePlastic barrel
Packing Quantity160pcs/barrel
Wipe Size150*150mm
Wipe Weight40gsm/wipe
Package SizeØ100mm, H:172mm

Product Features

1. Made of flexible raw materials, while maintaining the softness, enhance the toughness of the wet wipes, the wiping is not easy to break.

2. The sterilization rate is 99.9%, effectively killing a variety of germs.

3. Packed in small and portable barrel, effective cleaning and disinfection anytime.

4. Applied for disinfection of skin, daily necessities, office supplies or  electronic products, effectively ensuring the hygiene of items and remove stains.

Matters Needing Attention

1. This product is a non-medical clinical product and is limited to daily use.

2. For external use only, if you find any discomfort and sensitivity to your skin, please stop using it immediately

3. This product cannot be dissolved, please do not throw it into the toilet. 

4. It is flammable materials, please keep away from fire.


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