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Roller Ball Cosmetic Tube

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This is 100ml roller ball cosmetic tube, usually the empty soft tube can be used as the body cream packaging, massage cream packaging, massage essence packaging, slimming cream packaging, etc. 

* Massage roller ball tube

* Vibration massage tube is available 

* Single roller ball tube, 3 roller ball tube, 5 roller ball tube and 6 roller ball tube is available

* Different capacity can be customized with different diameter and tube body height


DescriptionRoller Ball Cosmetic Tube
DimensionØ 45mm
FeatureRoller ball massage tube


This cosmetic tube has roller ball applicator, can be applied to body cream packaging, massage cream packaging, massage essence packaging, slimming cream packaging, etc.

Usually the plastic soft tubes we produced can be applied to cosmetic packaging tube, skincare packaging tubes, daily wash packaging tubes, etc.


ECOWAY is the plastic soft tubes manufacturer in China, which has many years experience in these soft tubes production. Our factory has full and advanced production equipment to support the cosmetic soft tubes production orderly. Our products mainly contain makeup tubes, eye cream tubes, hand cream tubes, body cream tubes, ointment tubes, food tubes, etc.

We have various mounds to make 13mm to 60mm plastic soft tubes, and make the soft tubes from small capacity of 3ml to large capacity of 400ml. For client’s special specification request, we can customize the cosmetic soft tubes according to our clients’ requirements.


Q1: Do you provide customized cosmetic soft tubes?

A: Yes, we can make the customized plastic soft tubes as per your requirement.

Q2: What are the main products you supply?

A: We mainly supply plastic soft tubes which can be applied to various fields, such as hand cream tubes, makeup tubes, body lotion tubes, toothpaste tubes, grease tubes, etc.

Q3: Do you provide free soft tube sample or charge?

A: We provide free sample if the cosmetic soft tube is in stock. And welcome each client to customize any cosmetic soft tubes.


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