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Massage Eye Cream Tube

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ItemMassage Eye Cream Tube
Applicator3 roller ball
Tube Diameter19mm
Net Weight20g


1. 19mm round eye cream tube, the net weight can be 20g.

2. Look through the transparent outside cap, you can see that it has 3 roller ball applicator, unique inner plug for the eye cream packaging tube.

3. Red offset printing on the white tube, with white pattern and black text silk screen printing.

4. The plastic soft tube is easy to squeeze and use, perfect cosmetic packaging tube.

eye cream tube
eye cream tube


1. Quick responses with full attention within 8 hours.

2. OEM and ODM orders of the cosmetic packaging tubes are accepted.

3. Samples and production status updated promptly.

4. All of our cosmetic soft tubes are produced by our professional workman and we have QC team to check quality when the production, you can totally believe our service.

5. We will count cheapest shipping cost and make invoice to you at once. And we are very glad that customer give us some suggestion for price and products.


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