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These are 2L shampoo stand-up bag and shower gel stand-up bag, the bag size is 23.5*32cm. The bag material is safe and non-toxic, and its design is convenient to be transported and stored. It has excellent moisture barrier, good to prevent leakage.


DescriptionShampoo, shower gel
UsageHome, hotel, spa, etc
Feature1. Excellent barrier against air, moisture and puncture2. User-friendly, smart self-standing and large capacity 


1. New and environmental material, safe and non-toxic.

2. Using a spout form self sealing bags, generally only need to press the tight seal, moisture-proof and durable.

3. The bottom design helps bag stand up, the bag stand up more upright and beautiful.

4. Different sizes and printing can be customized according to customer’s requirements.


The packaging materials of Liquids are mostly bottles or canisters. These are usually heavy, which makes it not conveniently transported. In this case, the convenient, flexible and lightweight spout pouch will be a good choice. Compared to bottles or other containers, the spouted pouch is lightweight and sustainable. 

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