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Cosmetic Packaging Roll-on Tube

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This style is cosmetic packaging roll-on tube, suitable for packing essence, slimming cream and etc. As you see, it’s a round squeeze tube with curved sealing, the tube body is red and printed, matching a vibration 6 roller ball head and outside is clear PP cap. 

This soft tube’s diameter is 50mm, volume is 150ml. With different body height of the laminated tube, we can make different volume soft tubes for you. Welcome to customize the suitable cosmetic tubes you need, we will be here at your service.


DescriptionCosmetic Packaging Roll-on Tube
ApplicatorRoller ball head with vibration function


We are professional cosmetic tube factory, owning many machines and moulds to produce various types of plastic soft tubes or ABL tubes. We offer and export high quality cosmetic packaging tubes and best price for oversea customers.

Our empty soft tubes are applied to different fields, such as cosmetics tube, sun block tube, hand cream tube, face wash tube, medicine tube and more. Welcome to contact with us no matter when you need our help.


1. Eco-friendly and all new raw material.

2. Massage tube with vibration roller ball.

3. Customized plastic soft tube, easy to squeeze and use.

4. Large capacity empty soft tube for packing massage cream, etc.

5. Other shapes, massage applicator or dimension can be customized.


Q1: What cosmetic tubes do you mainly produce?

A: We mainly produce various designs cosmetic packaging tubes and other application plastic soft tubes, such as ointment tubes, food tubes, paint tubes, grease tubes and etc.

Q2: Is it possible to send me some samples to check the cosmetic tube quality?

A: Yes, we’re glad to send some samples of our stock empty soft tubes to you. For specific details, please just contact our sales to inquire.

Q3: Can you support OEM order of the cosmetic tubes?

A: Yes, we support all OEM orders of the cosmetic soft tubes, please let us know your detailed requirements about the OEM order.


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