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Composite Packaging Tube Laminated Web

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ItemComposite Packaging Tube Laminated Web
UsageToothpaste tube, cosmetic tube, paint tube, etc


Our factory can make various types of cosmetic tubes and the composite hoses material laminated web. Composite hoses are mainly divided into aluminum-plastic composite hoses and plastic composite hoses. They can meet the various needs of cosmetic packaging, such as hygiene, barrier properties and so on.

Currently, composite hoses have been widely used, mainly in food packaging: such as condensed milk, chocolate sauce, chili sauce, mustard and so on. Drug packaging: such as burn cream, topical dermatitis cream. Cosmetic packaging: such as toothpaste, facial cleanser, facial mask, hair cream, etc.


PBL tube is made of all plastic barrier laminate web packaging roll film. Its material structure is PE film, PE extrusion, PE film, PE extrusion, PE film. It has ABL character but higher barrier rate.

It has good resilience and certain barrier property, suitable for fine pattern printing pipe. Use economical, easy-to-recycle all-plastic sheets to reduce environmental pollution from packaging waste. Corresponding to the standard of environment protection, the PBL will be the trend of future cosmetic packaging tube industry.

PBL Face Wash Tube
PBL Toothpaste Tube Packaging

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