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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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It is ABS hand sanitizer dispenser, which can automatically dispenser the liquid. Its touch-free design can make hands hygiene, helping prevent the spread of germs by lessening the chances of cross contamination, perfect for using in public areas.


ItemAutomatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Product SizeL: 123mm * W: 114mm * H: 261.5mm
Standing SizeL: 270mm * W: 400mm * H: 1500mm
Pump TypeFoam, gel, spray


1. Touchless dispenser, made of safe and durable ABS material.

2. suitable for dispensing hand sanitizer, shower gel, shampoo, washing lotion, etc.

3. The capacity of this style is 900ml, can be customized.

4. The liquid available automatically, which is hygiene used in public areas.

5. It can be used for star hotel, office buildings, hospitals and other public areas, also suitable for home use if you need.


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