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Alcohol Wet Wipes

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75% alcohol cleaning sterilizing wet wipes, used for removing common messes or disinfecting on skin or object surface. Small size barrel package, portable and easy to carry.


Product CodeECW-15
DescriptionAlcohol Wet Wipes
MaterialSkin-friendly soft non-woven fabric
UsageCleaning and disinfecting
Packing Quantity100pcs/barrel
Wipe Size100*100mm
Wipe Weight40gsm/wipe
Package Sizeø83mm, H:130mm


1. Contain 75% alcohol, for effectively cleaning and sterilization.

2. Portable barrel package, easy to carry and extract the wipes.

3. Sealed design, durable and better retain moisture in wipes.

4. Used for hand disinfection, cleaning and disinfection of office supplies such as mice, keyboards, printers and so on, household cleaning of furniture, desktops, door handles, toys and so on.


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