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75% Alcohol Wet Wipes

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Antiseptic 75% alcohol wipes, used for skin disinfection and cleaning. Each alcohol wipe is individually wrapped in seal foil pouches for freshness. 


Product CodeECW-08D
Description75% Alcohol Wet Wipes
UsageBasic cleaning, antibacterial
Packaging1pc / bag
Wipe SizeL: 60mmW: 60mm
Packaging SizeL: 49mmW: 49mm


1. This is 75% alcohol swab, used for skin cleansing, hygiene and disinfectant.

2. Each alcohol pad is individually wrapped in the seal foil bag.

3. It can be stored in a cool and dry place, and discard after single use.

4. It also can be used for phone disinfection, glasses disinfection, office environment and public transit.


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