Dropper Applicator Eye Cream Tube

Product Details This is dropper applicator cosmetic tube for eye cream packaging. From the transparent pp cap outside, you can see its dropper applicator, one of the eye cream soft applicators. We can match other applicators according to your choice, such as needle nose, roller ball and so on. This style eye cream tube’s diameter […]

Silicone Roller Ball Tube for Eye Cream

Product Details This silicone roller ball eye cream tube is available in D19mm, used for plastic cosmetic packaging. The tube volume is 15ml with glossy varnish and end sealed. The tube end can also be opened. If you want to know more information of tubes, sample and etc, please email us or call us for […]

Metal Roller Ball Eye Cream Tubes

Product Details This cosmetic tube is used for eye cream packaging, with 3 metal roller ball applicator. It was decorated with offset printing, with glossy varnish and sealed end. It is available in 19mm diameter with the volume of 20ml, other dimension also can be customized. If you are interested in our products, please contact […]

Eye Cream Massage Tube

Product Details Model ECW00596 Description Eye Cream Massage Tube Diameter 19mm Net Weight 15g Printing Offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping Applicator Metal roller ball PRODUCT FEATURE 1. 19mm small eye cream tube, the net weight of this style is 15g. 2. This tube has several different printing processes: Red gradient offset printing, white […]

Massage Eye Cream Tube

Product Details Model ECW00534 Item Massage Eye Cream Tube Shape Round Applicator 3 roller ball Tube Diameter 19mm Net Weight 20g PRODUCT FEATURE 1. 19mm round eye cream tube, the net weight can be 20g. 2. Look through the transparent outside cap, you can see that it has 3 roller ball applicator, unique inner plug […]

3 Roller Ball Eye Cream Tube

Product Details This is 3 roller ball cosmetic tube, can be applied to the eye cream packaging. This eye cream tube has metal roller ball applicator, pink tube body and transparent pp cap. The eye cream tube is round, can be decorated with custom printing. In addition to the eye cream tube, we can also […]