Empty Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Product Details It is white plastic pump bottle, used to be packed for hand washing soap, shampoo, bath gel, conditioner and so on. The dimensions and capacity can be customized, usually can be 300ml or 500ml. The pump head plastic packaging bottle is suitable for using in hotel, spa or home, which is reusable and refillable. […]

Hand Sanitizer Bottle Packaging

Product Details It’ s brown plastic bottle with black pump head screw cap, made of PET material. Its size is 7*16.5cm, can be filled with hand wash liquid soap, body lotion, shampoo, shower gel and etc, used in hotel, bathroom, toilet. Big capacity packaging bottle can be reusable, you can refill the liquid as needed. […]

Hand Sanitizer Plastic Bottles

Product Details It is 300ml pump head plastic bottle, used as the hand wash soap packaging, conditioning shampoo packaging, lotion packaging, bath gel packaging and so on. It is made of plastic PET, safe and non-toxic.  The refillable pump bottle is suitable to be used in hotel, spa, bathroom. The capacity, color and printing can be customized as requested. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Model […]

350ml Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottles

Product Details It’ s round pump bottles, made of plastic PET material. Its capacity is 350ml, suitable for filling hand sanitizer, liquid soap, etc. The pump head design is convenient to be used, usually the hand sanitizer dispenser can be used in home, bathroom, kitchen, office, etc. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW-XSY-001 Description 350ml Hand […]

Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottle

Product Details It’ s 500ml PET bottle with pump head cover, in the diameter of 85mm. The bottle color is transparent, you can clearly see the remaining liquid. Your logo can be printed on the sticker label, or we can also make silk screen printing on the bottle. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW00687 Description Hand […]

Empty PET Pump Bottles

Product Details These are plastic packaging bottles, made of durable PET material. The capacities of these bottles are 100ml to 500ml, and other capacity also can be made. The transparent empty bottle can be used for filling hand sanitizer, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, etc. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW-Big Bottle Description Empty PET Pump […]

Shampoo Packaging Pump Bottle

Product Details These are shampoo bottle, conditioner bottle, shower gel bottle and body lotion bottle, with the capacity of 400ml. These are plastic PET pump bottles, easy to squeeze out the liquid and can be reusable. The printing can be customized on the bottle. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECO-02A Description Shampoo Packaging Pump Bottle Material […]

Rectangular HDPE Pump Bottles

Product Details These are HDPE plastic packaging bottles, for the hand sanitizer, shampoo, lotion or other liquid packaging. The available capacities are 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L and 5L, other capacities can be made as requested. And your logo can be customized on the sticker label. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECO-02 (M,N,O,P,Q) Description Rectangular HDPE Pump Bottles […]

Pump Bottle

Product Details Transparent PET pump bottles, usually applied to shampoo packaging, hand sanitizer packaging and so on. The capacity and printing can be customized as your requests. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECO-02 (E,F) Description Pump Bottle Application Liquid soap bottle, lotion bottle, etc Material Plastic Diameter 56mm Capacity 300ml PRODUCT FEATURES 1. Transparent plastic bottle with pump […]