5 Roller Ball Cosmetic Tube

Product Details This 5 roller ball cosmetic tube is in diameter 40mm with the capacity of 80ml. This item empty cosmetic tube is suitable to pack body cream, massage cream, slim cream and so on, which is more better to massage skin. In addition to this style roller ball cosmetic tube, this item also have […]

Roller Ball Massage Tube

Product Details This is 5 roller ball massage tube in 50mm diameter. With this diameter, the capacity can be 120-300ml or customized. Usually this empty massage soft tube can be used to be pack body cream, massage cream, slimming cream, etc. This style roller ball cosmetic tube is white with customized offset printing, silkscreen printing, […]

Massage Cosmetic Soft Tube

Product Details This massage cosmetic soft tube has 5 roller ball massage applicator. You can use this empty cosmetic tube to pack your body cream, more suitable to massage. The soft tube’s body color is white, just decorated with offset printing logo. If you need, we can make it other colors and other printing. To […]

Roller Ball Cosmetic Tube

Product Details This is 100ml roller ball cosmetic tube, usually the empty soft tube can be used as the body cream packaging, massage cream packaging, massage essence packaging, slimming cream packaging, etc.  * Massage roller ball tube * Vibration massage tube is available  * Single roller ball tube, 3 roller ball tube, 5 roller ball […]

Vibration Massage Cosmetic Tube

Product Details This is diameter 38mm massage cosmetic tube. Usually 38mm plastic soft tube can match different massage head, roller ball applicator or silicone brush applicator. Roller ball massage tubes can be used to pack body cream, massage cream and so on. Silicone brush massage tube can be used to pack facial cleanser, foam cleanser […]

Massage Body Cream Tube

Product Details Model ECW00397 Item Massage Body Cream Tube Diameter 50mm Capacity 150ml Sample Available PRODUCT FEATURE 1. It’ s large capacity cosmetic soft tube, great for the body cream packaging. 2. It also can be used as a massage cream tube, with its special roller ball applicator with magnetic. 3. We can make colorful […]

Vibration Roller Ball Tube

Product Details This vibration roller ball tube is one of our hot selling roller ball item cosmetic soft tube, mainly applied to the massage cream packaging, essence packaging and etc. The capacity of the style cosmetic squeeze tube is 80ml with the diameter of 50mm, the dimension can be adjusted as customer’s demands. This style […]

Cosmetic Packaging Roll-on Tube

Product Details This style is cosmetic packaging roll-on tube, suitable for packing essence, slimming cream and etc. As you see, it’s a round squeeze tube with curved sealing, the tube body is red and printed, matching a vibration 6 roller ball head and outside is clear PP cap.  This soft tube’s diameter is 50mm, volume […]

Cosmetic Tube With Roller Ball

Product Details This is diameter 40mm unsealed empty cosmetic tube, capacity can be 70ml to 180ml or customized according to different tube body height. The material of the plastic soft tube is PE, with customized roller ball applicator, better packaging for the massage cream, slimming cream, essence and so on. It is a red color […]