Vacuum Pump Cosmetic Tube

Product Details This is gray vacuum pump cosmetic tube. You can use it to pack cosmetics, sun block, hand cream, etc. For the cosmetics packaging, airless pump tube will be good choice. We have different capacity and styles for you to choose or customize. This soft tube is convenient to use. Pressing the airless pump […]

Empty Makeup Soft Tube

Product Details This is empty makeup soft tube, which has needle nose applicator, suitable for makeup packaging, BB or CC cream packaging. And this style soft tube with small capacity can be used as the eye cream packaging tube.  This makeup soft tube is made of PE material, and its surface is matte with offset […]

Acrylic Plating Cap Makeup Tube

Product Details We are a professional cosmetic tubes manufacturer. This style is 30ml cosmetic packaging tube with acrylic plating cap. Matte black tube body, decorated with white offset printing and purple hot stamping, perfect as the cosmetic packaging. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW00557 Description Acrylic Plating Cap Makeup Tube Diameter 25mm Capacity 30ml Tube Color […]