Cosmetic Plastic Lip Gloss Tube

Product Details This cosmetic plastic lip gloss tube’s volume can be 5-25ml in 19mm diameter, with white brush in it. Other customized sizes and applicators and customized colors are acceptable. Waiting for your inquiry. We will help you to find or customize the product you need. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Item Number ECW00116 Name Cosmetic Plastic Lip […]

Fluff Brush Cap Lip Gloss Tube

Product Details This transparent cosmetic tube is used for lip gloss packaging, with soft brush black cap. The tube volume is 5-25mlml with the diameter of 19mm. Any customized sizes and colors are acceptable as clients’ demands. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Model ECW00117 Description Fluff Brush Cap Lip Gloss Tube Diameter Ø 19mm Capacity 5-25ml Shape Round […]

Empty Lip Gloss Tube With Brush

Product Details This cosmetic makeup tubes is made of plastic soft tube with brush inside, good choice for daily use or making lip gloss samples. Its diameter is 19mm and capacity 15ml, can be customized by adjusting the lip gloss tube’s diameter and body height. The cosmetic tube is well sealed no leakage, portable light […]

15ml Empty Lip Gloss Tube

Product Details This style is newly developed lipgloss tube with our own design. It’ s 15ml in diameter of 19mm. About the printing, this tube includes three kinds of printing ways, pink offset printing, white silk screen printing and colorful hot stamping. The tube body is transparent, you can clearly see the remaining capacity of […]