Beauty Packaging Airless Tube

Product Details Model ECW00535 Item Beauty Packaging Airless Tube Diameter 30mm Capacity 60ml Feature Airless pump head Printing Offset printing, silk-screen printing, etc PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This is 60ml airless pump tube, can be applied to hand cream tube, body lotion tube, makeup tube, etc. Press the airless pump head, you can squeeze out the liquid […]

Airless Tubes

Product Details It is customized vacuum pump tube, 40ml round tube in the diameter of 25mm. It can be used for filled with BB cream, liquid foundation, sunscreen, hand cream, etc, which is lightweight and portable. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW00484 Description Airless Tubes Diameter 25mm Tube Height 91mm Capacity 40ml Feature Vacuum pump head […]

Plastic Cosmetic Airless Pump Tube

Product Details ECOWAY is a professional cosmetic tubes manufacturer. We can produce various types of PE tubes, ABL tubes and PBL tubes. This style is 35ml airless pump tube, perfect as the sunscreen tube, face wash tube, cream tube and so on. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Product Code ECW00558 Description Plastic Cosmetic Airless Pump Tube Diameter 30mm […]