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New Product Line of Soap Dispenser

ECOWAY is specialized in the production and customization of cosmetic packaging, including PE tubes, ABL tubes, PBL tubes, PET bottles, etc. To better protect the environment, we develop our new product line soap dispenser. It can be refillable, which is a great replacement for the small capacity disposable hotel tubes. These are two styles samples of our liquid dispensers.

1. Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

Black Stainless Steel 210 bracket pump bottle, with adjustable height, easy to install, perfect for storing or dispensing lotions and liquid soaps.

Wall-mountable double soap dispenser holder, suitable for using in bathroom, shower, kitchen, laundry or powder room to keep basins clear and soap access handy.

It is beautiful and functional, allow you to elegantly showcase all pump bottles: hand soap, shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and more. And it can be refilled with ease as you need.

2. PET Plastic Soap Dispenser

It is made of clear PET plastics, safe and non-toxic. The clear bottle helps you show the liquid contents and see the amount of liquid left inside. The soap dispensers bottle with plastic pump is very convenient, reusable and refillable. After cleaning, can be held another liquid, the wide opening for easy refills, perfect for packing liquid soap, body wash, etc.


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