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Misunderstanding of facial Cleanser selection

Power misunderstanding

Because facial cleanser products stay on the face for a short time, usually only a few minutes, and will eventually rinse, so in fact some active ingredients are difficult to remain on the face. Therefore, it is very difficult to rely on facial cleanser to achieve the so-called whitening effect.

Price misunderstanding

In fact, the biggest effect of facial cleanser is cleansing. It is the first and most important step in our skin care, so we should not underestimate the choice of this facial cleanser. It is best to buy the matching, so the effect will be better!

Bubble misunderstanding

The foam in the facial cleanser helps to completely remove the makeup, the dead cuticles and the blocked pores. The foam of high-quality facial cleanser should be delicate and textured. It also contains ingredients that nourish and maintain the moisture of the skin. Rough and loose foam is often more soapy in the product, less nutrients, and the washing and moisturizing effects are not good.

Many new facial cleansers are soap-free products. They have a lot of foam but are very strong in detergency. They also have a variety of functions such as balancing oil, moisturizing and moisturizing. So ladies have to get out of the bubble alone. Judging the quality of the facial cleanser is the misunderstanding.

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