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Marketing Strategy of Cosmetic Packaging

Due to differences in age, gender, occupation, culture, and economic level, consumers have different shopping psychology and behavior. For example, mature consumers, working-class, housewives, and economic income are mostly demand-seeking; young people and the better economics are mostly for the aesthetic type. Therefore, different cosmetic packaging designs should be selected based on the target consumer group of product positioning.

Currently, the packaging marketing strategies mainly include the following:

1. Series packaging. For the same product or brand, the enterprise usually use the same pattern and color to remind the customer that this is the brand’s family. This type of packaging is currently very common.

2. Combined packaging. Pack related products in one large box or bag. For example, many functional skin care sets include facial cleanser tube, face cream tube and etc, which is convenient for the purchase of customers and more affordable.

3. Multi-purpose packaging. After the product is used up, its packaging still can be used. For example, the cosmetic bottles packaging can be reusable, you can refill the liquid in the clean empty bottle.

In addition to these packaging strategies, there are some other strategies. In the marketing behavior of modern cosmetics, the cosmetics packaging is its silent advertisement. It is very important to choose a suitable packaging strategy.

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