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Facial Cleanser Product Categories

Classification by matrix dosage form

(1) Surfactant-based skin cleansing products

Containing surfactants, it is divided into two types: multi-foam type and micro-foam type. The surfactant is stably present in the water by the surfactant, and is dissolved in water to achieve a cleaning effect. Soap-based facial cleanser is also one of them, but because of its obvious characteristics, it is generally treated differently from ordinary surfactant facial cleanser.

Solid (soap, transparent soap, neutral soap)

The traditional main cleansing products: easy to use, good to use, but the skin has a tight feeling after use.

Paste, paste (washing cream, cleansing cream)

Dedicated to the face, it has excellent use and rich foam. Easy to use. A matrix which is weakly acidic to basic can be selected according to the purpose.

Liquid or viscous liquid (wash gel)

Weakly acidic to alkaline. The weak acid matrix has weak cleaning ability and the alkaline matrix has strong cleaning power. Mainly used for hair and body washing.

Granules, powder (clean flour)

Easy to use. Papaya enzymes and other enzymes can be incorporated because they do not contain water.

Aerosol type (shaving foam, post-foaming shaving gel)

There are two types: one that is similar to a shaving foam after squirting, and the other that uses a two-layer container that is gelatinous and becomes foamy when in use.

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