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Facial Cleanser Basic Information

The cleansing agent is a sebum, stratum corneum fragments and oxidative decomposition products adhering to the surface of the skin, and the residue of the cosmetic product adhered thereto is unstable and can react with oxygen or sediment molecules in the air.  During exposure to sunlight or the presence of bacteria on the skin, various physicochemical and biochemical reactions occur that form substances that may harm the skin. Therefore, even for healthy skin, skin cleansing is an essential part of skin care. Facial cleanser is a kind of skin cleansing product. It can be an oil-in-water or water-in-oil emulsion. It has strong cleaning ability and can even be used for the removal of thick makeup.

Generally, facial cleanser is a liquid product composed of an oil phase, a water phase, a surfactant, a moisturizer, a nutrient, and the like. The creamy facial cleanser contains oil phase ingredients and is suitable for dry skin use; the crystal clear product does not contain oil phase ingredients, and the formula is suitable for most consumers. The surfactant in facial cleanser has five functions of wetting, dispersing, foaming, decontaminating and emulsifying, and is the main active substance of cleansing products. In addition, according to the principle of similar compatibility, in the process of washing the face, the oil phase can be used to dissolve the oil-soluble fat and excess oil; the water phase material dissolves the water-soluble sweat stain on the face.

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