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Nursing procedure

Eye makeup remover

The main purpose is to prevent the eye skin from being stretched too much during makeup removal, and to ensure that the makeup attached to the eye is more thoroughly removed, laying the foundation for the next step of eye care. Designed for the eye, the eye makeup remover is gentler and more delicate than the face makeup remover. It has a strong make-up and can easily wipe off the eye makeup without any effort. When using, use a cotton pad moistened with eye makeup remover, first remove the mascara from top to bottom, then wipe the eye shadow, and finally use eye cream according to each person.

Eye care products

Daily eye care products such as eye creams, eye gels, eye nourishing gels, etc. are basic care products. They generally contain natural moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients, and have strong penetrating power to prevent and improve wrinkles. Crow’s feet, dark circles, dry eyes and symptoms of eye bags and eyelid edema. It is mild in nature and is suitable for regular eye care. However, due to the gradual segmentation of products, some basic care products have their own unique effects.

Eye special care products

Mainly refers to eye care products that give the eye more intensive care and have a unique effect. Such as eye mask, myogenic eye mask, serum and so on. Some of them can play the role of eye cream on the one hand to help reduce wrinkles, dark circles and other problems, on the other hand, the gelatinous eye mask to improve eyelid edema and other issues, in order to achieve complementary care purposes.

Dream makeup flower eye cream helps to smooth fine lines around the eyes, enhance elasticity, brighten skin tone, refine pores, and restore skin repair power around the eyes.

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