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The eye skin is the thinnest skin of the human body, and it is the most frequent part of the activity. It is also the place where the most frequently pulled skin in the make-up, it is very easy to grow wrinkles, and once it grows, it is difficult to eliminate, except who is not willing to Beautiful eyes give birth to annoying fish tails early. Learn to take care of your eyes and start with eye cream.

Age of eye cream: Eye cream is a must for most people. In some special cases, eye cream should be used as early as possible, especially for women with dry skin, and this proportion of women is still relatively high. It is understood that neutral skin accounts for the majority at 18-24 years old, but neutral skin tends to be dry or oily at some point. The second is the seasonal factor, and many places are getting more and more dry, especially the global warm winter phenomenon, which makes the air humidity become smaller and smaller for a long time, and the long-term use of heating and air conditioners makes the face lack of water, and the eye skin bears the brunt. . The third is the use of excessive eyes, modern professional women are mostly inseparable from words and computers, coupled with a large number of newspapers, film and television discs to dominate leisure time, extreme fatigue of the eye muscles, leading to premature skin wrinkles around the eyes.

Many people think that the fat ball under the eyes is caused by greasy eye cream. In fact, unless the eye care products used contain some acne-prone or acne-producing ingredients, the oil in the eye cream is not Will cause fat balls under the eyes.

The small particles under the lower eyelid, if it is a convex small meat ball called “sweat tube tumor”, this is caused by natural physique, not caused by eye cream, as long as it can be removed by laser treatment, as for the other one Small white particles, which look like long acne protruding particles called “miliary swelling”, can be picked up with a needle.

Lightly around the eyes and at the end of the eyes; use the middle finger and ring finger to gently spread the inner corner of the eye toward the end of the eye, or gently tap it to speed up absorption. However, the skin of the eye is very delicate and fragile, and it is particularly vulnerable. Therefore, when choosing an eye product, it is best to choose a mild, non-irritating, low-sensitive eye product to fight dry, fine lines, dark circles under the bags. And other issues.

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